Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for Informational purposes only. Upon checkout, you will be charged in South African Rands.
Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for Informational purposes only. Upon checkout, you will be charged in South African Rands.

Jump Africa Tours

Terms of Use

Last updated: 01 January 2020
The website is owned and operated by ‘JUMP AFRICA TOURS’.
JUMP AFRICA TOURS is an ‘OVERLAND TOUR reservation agency’ with headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide tour information from companies that specialize in Africa Overland Tours such as ‘NOMAD’ & ‘ATC’ to tourists from all over the world.
Users who visit this website accept the following terms of use. Please read them carefully.

Definitions & Interpretation

1-1 JUMP AFRICA TOURS Reg. No. 2010/107121/23 herein after referred to as ‘The Company’ accepts bookings subject to the terms of use outlined herein, which agreement shall be the whole agreement between tourists herein after referred to as ‘The Parties’. The overlanding operator companies are herein after referred to as ‘The Operator/Operators’ (NOMAD’ or ‘ATC)
1-2 This booking and subsequent contract shall be deemed to have been concluded in Cape Town, South Africa and shall be interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

Tour Prices & Services

2-1 All overland tour prices and services are correct at the time of updating.
2-2 All prices, services and departures are subject to ‘The Operator/Operators’.

Booking System

3-1 ‘The Parties’ can be provided with the free special benefits offered by ‘The Company’ only when they have booked via the website of ‘The company’ (
3-2 The details of the free special benefits are noted in article 7 concerning Free Special Benefits.
3-3 When the booking form on the website of ‘The Company’ ( has been filled up, ‘The Company’ shall email for the booking and request a provisional booking to ‘The Operator’.

Payment System

4-1 ‘The Company’ shall send a payment link(Nomad) /a credit card authorisation form(ATC) to ‘The Parties’.
4-2 ‘The Parties’ are recommended to be aware of the terms & conditions of ‘The Operator’ (Nomad/ATC).

Nomad Ts & Cs

ATC Ts & Cs


5-1 In the process of the payment, ‘The Company’ plays a role as a liaison agent between ‘The Parties’ and ‘The Operator’.
5-2 ‘The Parties’ pay the tour price directly to ‘The Operator’ completing a payment link or filling up with a credit card authorisation form.
5-3 The booking is to be confirmed after completing a payment.

Confirmation of Travel Voucher

6-1 Once ‘The Company’ has received ‘The Confirmation of Travel Voucher’ issued by ‘The Operator’ after payment, it will then be forwarded to ‘The Parties’.

Free Special Benefits

7-1 All the free benefits offered by ‘The Company’ are one-off services in Cape Town to ‘The Parties’ who have booked an overland tour via
7-2 ‘The Parties’ are not allowed to take the free benefits over to others which are not rendered or bring them forward for the future.
7-3 The free special benefits by ‘The Company’ are detailed as follows;

① Airport pickup (Cape Town airport)
② U-sim card of South Africa with 1G data & 30R airtime
③ 4 nights free accommodation + breakfast (dormitory in Cape Town)
④ A money belt (flat money pouch to wear under your clothes)
⑤ Laundry service (one-off)
⑥ Drop-off at meeting point on departure day
⑦ Plus various travel information

7-4 Free airport transfer service is provided only in Cape Town.
7-5 4 nights free accommodation is to be provided in a mixed dormitory room.
7-6 If ‘The Parties’ want to upgrade in the same accommodation offered, ‘The Company’ will book the upgraded room for them.
7-7 ‘The Parties’ need to pay the difference of the upgraded booking from the dormitory bed price to ‘The Company’.
7-8 If ‘The Parties’ want to book other accommodation which is not the designated by ‘The Company’, ‘The Company’ need not to pay for it.
7-9 If ‘The Parties’ want less than 4nights accommodation in Cape Town, ‘The Company’ need not to pay or compensate for the nights not provided.
7-10 If ‘The Parties’ book less than 20days tour, less than 4nights free accommodation shall be provided pro-rata.
7-11 1G data offered is based on booking more than 20-days tour of ‘The Operators’.
7-12 The amount of free offered data is provided based on a pro-rata duration of the tour.
7-13 30R airtime is to be provided to all ‘The Parties’ who have booked when they are in Cape Town.
7-14 The U-sim card is for use in South Africa not in other countries.
7-15 The laundry service is one-off and the weight of the laundry is not considered.
7-16 ‘The Company’ is not responsible for the damage or the loss of the items after the laundry service of ‘The party’, especially for the ones which are not marked with the owners’ name on the laundry bag.
7-17 ‘The Parties’ need to be ready by having completed check-out of the accommodation before ‘The Company’ picks them up at a departure point on departure day.
7-18 If ‘The Parties’ book ATC tour, they are required to attend a pre-meeting at 5p.m. on the day before the departure and be provided with pre-night accommodation by ATC.
7-19 If ‘The Parties’ book Nomad, the registration process is to be done by ‘The Company’ on behalf of ‘The Parties’ on the departure day only in Cape Town.
7-20 If a departure point is not located in Cape Town, the registration process of ‘The Operators’ is to be done by ‘The Parties’. ‘The Company’ shall inform them on the registration forms and items put down beforehand.

Cancellations & Refund

8-1 All the process and the range of the amount for cancellation & refund is subject to the terms & conditions of ‘The Operators’ of which ‘The Parties’ have booked the tour.
8-2 ‘The Company’ needs to inform and let ‘‘The Parties’ be adequately aware of the cancellation & refund regulations of ‘The Operators’ before the payment is completed.


9-1 All ‘The Parties’ are advised to take out comprehensive insurance covering them for personal effects, personal accident, medical and emergency travel expenses, cancellation and curtailment.
9-2 ‘The Company’ strongly advises ‘The Parties’ to purchase medical insurance prior to commencing the trip.
9-3 Any resulting consequence of not having this paperwork is the sole responsibility of ‘The Parties’.


10-1 Once ‘The Parties’ have summited the booking form to ‘The Company’, which is to be deemed that ‘The Parties’ have agreed and been aware of the terms of use of ‘The Company’.